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Psychophysiology Resources

On this page, I have collected a few of my go-to resources on collection, cleaning, scoring, and analyzing psychophysiology data. This page is ever-evolving so if there's something you have a question about and/or a resource you think I've missed, send me a message!

Introductions and Guidelines

1. The Society for Psychophysiological Research maintains a list of both resources and guidelines papers that are incredibly useful.

2. The Handbook of Psychophysiology is an invaluable reference. The cardiac chapter from the Second edition is one of my personal favorites.

3. Further (required) reading on cardiac physiology: Berntson, Cacioppo, & Quigley, 1993

4. Methodological recommendations for the heartbeat detection method of assessing interoceptive sensitivity. 

5. There are many indices of HRV and, depending on your study design, some may be more appropriate than others. Allen, Chambers, & Towers, 2007 is a very useful paper that directly compares indices of HRV. 

Scoring Physio Data Using Mindware

Mindware has put together several excellent videos on how to use their software. I have embedded a couple here but there are many more where this came from. I highly recommend watching them before you begin scoring data and then using them as a reference forever. 

Scoring HRV
Scoring Impedance
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